Precision Prop Tech specialises in Propeller Repairs and alterations, offering the marine industry high quality welding, dynamic balancing and prop scan services to get the most out of your vessel.

Our team is able to repair all types of propellers including bronze, stainless steel and aluminium and our renowned propeller welding skills and dynamic balancing services allow us to provide some of the best propeller repairs and alteration services in Florida. Whether you require re-patching, re-bushing, balancing or custom modifying of new or existing propellers we can assist.

Thanks to our advanced Prop Scan technology, we can offer advanced evaluation of your existing propellers to eliminate deficiencies like vibration, cavitation and noise, and improve speed and fuel efficiency.

Prop Scan

Prop Scan is used to optimize marine propellers, reduce fuel consumption, increase top speed and cruising speed, eliminate propeller vibration and match engine loading requirements. Precision Prop Tech utilises Prop Scan technology to optimise your propeller performance.

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Dynamic Balancing

If you are looking to get the most out of your Propellers, Precision Prop Tech can improve vibration, noise and efficiency with advanced in-house dynamic balancing. With the best equipment and a strong attention to detail you can get the most out of your propellers with us.

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We can repair and alter any propellers with our advanced, in-house welding team. Whether you are repatching, rebushing or custom modifying aluminium, stainless steel and bronze propellers, we can assist.

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